Elevate Your Business Communication with Flexible Bundled Packages

In today's ever-evolving business landscape, the demand for adaptable communication solutions is greater than ever. Companies need tailored options to meet their specific needs, and cielo is here to provide just that. With cielo's customizable bundled packages, businesses can create a communication strategy that suits them perfectly. Let's dive into the versatility and strength of our hosted communication offerings.

cielo offers a range of bundled packages that cater to diverse business requirements, from small startups to large enterprises. Here's a breakdown of the core bundles:


Essential Bundle:

- Seat License

- Telephone Number

- E911 and CNAM


Office Bundle (Includes Essential+):

- Voicemail

- Voicemail to Email

- Premium Video Conferencing (NEW: Premium videoconferencing starts at the Office level)


Corporate Bundle (Includes Office+):

- Access to CoreNexa app and softphone


Enterprise Bundle (Includes Corporate+):

- Call Recording

- Voice-to-Text

These structured bundles provide a solid foundation, but the true power of cielo's offerings lies in their flexibility. Cielo encourages businesses to mix and match services to create a tailor-made solution that meets their unique needs. Additionally, cielo offers various optional add-ons, including virtual faxing, contact center solutions, SIP services, and more, giving businesses the freedom to fine-tune their communication strategy.


Empowering Collaboration with Premium Video Conferencing

One standout feature of cielo's offerings is the availability of premium video conferencing, which now begins at the Office level. This means that from the Office package and up, businesses can take advantage of the following premium video conferencing features:


No Time-limit Meetings: With cielo's premium videoconferencing, you can host unlimited, no-time-limit meetings. Whether you're conducting one-on-one sessions or group meetings with up to 100 participants, you can communicate without worrying about running out of time.


The CoreNexa Advantage

cielo's bundled packages are built around the CoreNexa platform, an all-in-one solution that goes above and beyond the capabilities of standard video and meeting apps. CoreNexa offers a range of features designed to empower the modern workforce, ensuring that remote work feels just as productive and engaging as working in the office.


With CoreNexa, you get access to:

- High-quality voice and video calls

- A built-in softphone for seamless communication

- A wide array of calling features

- HD video conferencing

- Messaging through Chat and SMS

- Virtual rooms for collaborative workspaces

- An impressive list of unique collaboration features


With flexible bundled packages, premium video conferencing, and the comprehensive CoreNexa platform, your company can thrive in today's dynamic business landscape. Elevate your business communication with cielo and stay ahead of the game. Schedule a complimentary demo of our platform to learn more.