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cielo enables businesses to condense their communication platforms into one, easy-to-use solution.
a preview of the CoreNexa System
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cielo takes care of the heavy lifting.

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Many cloud-based companies send you the necessary materials and leave the rest to you. With cielo, you’ll receive personalized installation, training, and 24/7 product assistance.
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With our Build-Your-Own-Bundle package, we ensure that every business only pays for what they truly need for its telephony or communication needs.
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Our application, CoreNexa, features robust parity, allowing a seamless transition from one device to another.
I get 100 more stolen moments because this program has allowed me to take back some of my time. That is invaluable … Technology has changed our lives to give us back our lives.
Mala Rafik

Leave it to cielo.

From a telephony solution to an IT network restructure, our business is equipped with highly-trained technicians to assist businesses of any size or industry.


Our telephony services expand from a cloud-based, Unified Communication solution, to physical, on-premise based VoIP and PBX systems.


With many years under our belt, we're dedicated to providing customized solutions for each business.


Merge your business communication into one application that includes a business line, video conferencing, voice-to-text, business SMS and additional features all from your mobile device or desktop.


With 10+ channels of communication available through our CoreNexa application, your business will be able to communicate and collaborate however you seem fit.


Each business is different and our team recognizes that network structure is not a one fits all solution. Our dedicated technicians cerated logically designed business networks for each specific customer.


With four carriers, two geo redundant locations and a 99.9996% network availability, we can ensure your business can stay connected at all times.

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