3 Ways for Law Firms to Communicate Efficiently

Lawyers address a myriad of problems during their day-to-day schedule, no matter the size of the firm. From scheduling client meetings to heading to the courthouse, law firms need an effective and efficient way of funneling their tasks while having the ability to connect with colleagues and clients on the go.  

This is where Unified Communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) can help. Our solution aids in removing the inefficiency of older, outdated systems by generating a seamless, streamlined work environment geared to maximizing productivity for you and your entire firm. By combining calling, chat, meetings, voicemail, and other modern features into a single, easy to use interface, your team can effectively communicate and collaborate from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. With our platforms ability to provide flexible and scalable communications, cielo’s solution gives your business a highly professional appearance and creates a new channel for smooth, efficient communication internally and externally.  

Staying Connected, Professionally

As we know, there are countless ways to stay in contact with clients and associates, from email to chat app to practice management systems to even traditional phone calls. Managing each of these channels can often cause another stressor in an already fast-paced industry. With our solution, we help to condense these channels into one using our Unified Communications or UC platform. This platform helps firms merge all their channels into one from mobility, enterprise telephone, ability to message internally and text message clients from your business number, and conduct meetings with audio, video, and web conferencing.  

Connecting with Clients in New Ways

One of our favorite features of our UC solution is the ability to text clients or colleagues from either your mobile device or computer. The best part about this feature, is that firms can say goodbye to giving out their personal number and be able to text and call from their personal phone via their business phone number. The user’s personal number is never displayed, increasing professionalism and privacy, while ensuring that client communication is continued and routed appropriately.  

Never Miss an Important Call

With our innovative UC solution, your firm will still have the standard phone features that you love, such as a physical telephone for a receptionist, paralegal or even a partner at the firm. In addition to a physical phone, firms will be able to stay in contact professionally through our UC client (softphone), having the ability to receive and make calls, send text messages, and even read voicemails on your computer. These same savvy features are also available on your mobile device, making it easier to stay connected to clients and colleagues alike. By turning your smartphone into an extension of your phone system, it eliminates the need to give out your personal number and the ability to maintain a professional presence from anywhere. In addition, partners and colleagues can set their status to away or available, ensuring privacy when needed.  

In the legal industry, we understand the need to be always connected, while having the ability to disconnect while meeting with clients or in the courtroom. With cielo, firms can eliminate the need for multiple channels and pare down to one easy platform that will enable the entire firm to collaborate easily and communicate effectively.