CoreNexa 7.0: A Next-Generation Communication and Collaboration Solution

CoreNexa 7.0 stands as the evolutionary pinnacle of cielo's renowned cloud communications platform, now reimagined to deliver an all-encompassing solution for voice, video, messaging, and collaboration. This fully-loaded, all-in-one platform seamlessly integrates high-quality voice and video with a suite of productivity-enhancing tools, catering to the ever-evolving needs of modern employees, whether working remotely or within office premises.

CoreNexa's Desktop Client is a pivotal element, offering "always on" real-time voice communication capabilities through a built-in soft phone, effectively replacing the conventional desk phone. Users can make and receive calls, engage in messaging through chat and SMS, and access comprehensive video meeting and collaboration features. Additionally, CoreNexa extends its accessibility through the modern Browser Client and the Mobile Client, available on iOS and Android devices.

Seamless integration is achieved through CoreNexa's compatibility with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, ensuring robust authentication, calendar synchronization, and contact sharing. Users gain quick access to both ad-hoc and scheduled meetings, facilitated by CoreNexa's cutting-edge Room technology, poised to transform the dynamics of business operations and enhance engagement, especially for distributed or hybrid workforces.

Key Features:

  1. Voice (Soft Phone): Designed to function as a full desk phone replacement, the softphone feature empowers users to make and receive calls, place callers on hold, transfer calls, initiate three-way calls, and more.
  2. Call History: An intuitive feature that displays a comprehensive call history, allowing users to browse, search, and retrieve specific call records.
  3. Visual Voicemail: Users can conveniently access and manage received voicemails, including transcribed voicemails (subscription required), and perform actions like listening, deleting, downloading, or forwarding voicemails.
  4. Call Move: Seamlessly transition between the CoreNexa desktop client and mobile app during calls with a single button press, eliminating the need to put calls on hold.
  5. Microsoft Teams Integrator: cielo's Microsoft Teams Integrator ensures uninterrupted access to high-quality calling capabilities within the Microsoft Teams platform, empowering employees to stay connected without compromise.
  6. Business Texting: CoreNexa's SMS feature enables businesses to engage with customers via text messages, offering a convenient and flexible channel for communication.
  7. Video Collaboration: CoreNexa offers unlimited 1:1 and group meetings, with support for up to 100 participants per meeting (Standard plan users can schedule group meetings up to 40 minutes). Meetings can be encrypted with a PIN for enhanced security.
  8. Simultaneous Screen Sharing:Users have the flexibility to share their entire screen, specific portions, or individual applications. Multiple users can share their screens simultaneously.
  9. Video Recording: Record meetings for future reference or to share updates with absent team members.
  10. Private Sidebar Conversations with Audio and Video: Users can engage in private discussions and screen sharing without disrupting the main meeting.

Use Cases:

Stay Connected Anywhere: CoreNexa empowers users to take their office environment with them, ensuring access to business contacts, meetings, voicemails, and collaboration tools from any location with an internet connection.

Collaborate Effectively: CoreNexa Video facilitates group brainstorming sessions and ad-hoc idea sharing, even in a remote work setting. The "sidebar" feature enables private conversations, while status updates keep teams informed about each other's availability and activities.

Experience the Future of Communication:

Elevate your business operations with the transformative capabilities of CoreNexa 7.0. Sign up for a demo of the CoreNexa platform today to unlock a world of seamless communication and collaboration.