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Create your home office with ease

Whether you’re a permanent remote employee or working in a hybrid work environment, cielo enables users to easily connect to the office, from anywhere.

All-in-one communication

No matter your physical location, connect with your team through internal chatting or video calls, all through one platform. By merging all of your communication channels into one platform, it eliminates the need for multiple subscription services.

Guard your number

With our solution, users have the ability to transform their personal devices into an extension of their business number. Eliminating the need to give our your personal number, for good.

Workflow efficiency

During your typical day users use a myriad of applications. cielo has 40+ API integrations with our solution, such as, Salesforce, Zapier for 1-click calling, and others to help increase efficiency in everyday tasks.

The office phone that requires no wiring

In addition to your mobile device being able to act as your business line, our services also allow your business to have a traditional office phone in your home office. The best part about this phone is that there is no need for networking and wiring the phone runs completely off WiFi, for an easy, convenient set-up.

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Learn how to create your own virtual workspace with our work from home tool kit

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