OhDEER Leverages Automation to Simplify Operations

As the Chief Operations Officer of ohDEER Development Corporation, and the independent owner and operator of several ohDEER franchises, David Mulcahy is well-versed when it comes to business operations — be it on a small or large scale. With units from Nashoba Valley to Cape Cod, and an emphasis on natural pest solutions, David is continuing to grow his franchise units and services, and it’s thanks, in part, to his adaptation and integration of cielo’s technology. From the Contact Center to the CoreNexa mobile application, growth, expansion, accessibility, and customer engagement have never been easier.


Can you tell us about your company and the scope of your services?

Our company, ohDEER, operates as a franchise system with its corporate office located in Wayland, Massachusetts, while our main office is situated in Carver. Our service units are strategically located throughout Massachusetts, encompassing areas such as the South Shore, Cape Cod, and Nashoba Valley. 

At ohDEER, our scope of services revolves around providing effective and environmentally friendly solutions for controlling nature's largest and smallest pests. One of our areas of focus is on deer control to prevent these animals from feeding on plants and causing damage to landscapes. Additionally, we offer tick and mosquito control services, effectively managing mosquito populations on properties to create a more pleasant outdoor environment.


Tell us about your entrepreneurial background. What led you to become one of the first franchisees of ohDEER?

The journey of becoming a franchisee of ohDEER started in 2014 when I realized that the family business I was involved in wouldn't fulfill my business aspirations. After conducting extensive research, I came across ohDEER and its founder, Kurt. Following a meeting in March 2014, I became a franchisee in June of the same year. 

The decision to enter the pest control industry, particularly in the realm of tick and mosquito control, stemmed from recognizing the industry's growth potential, especially in the natural and environmentally conscious segment. What appealed to me the most about ohDEER was the opportunity to generate year-round income through both mosquito and tick control services as well as deer control, providing two distinct revenue streams.


How would you say ohDEER differs from other similar companies within the industry?

What sets ohDEER apart from other similar companies within the industry is our unwavering commitment to being "all-natural, all the time." That’s the first major one. This fundamental principle ensures that we exclusively offer all-natural solutions for our client's pest control needs. The second is our unique application style, using a saturation method for tick and mosquito control that allows us to apply a more substantial amount of product and spend additional time on each property, achieving optimal control over these pests. Unlike many competitors who use backpack blowers with limited product application, our approach ensures superior and effective results for our clients.

Our dedication to education is another key aspect that differentiates us from others in the industry. Throughout the sales process, we prioritize educating our clients and prospective clients on how to create an environment that is less hospitable to ticks and mosquitoes on their properties. We firmly believe that informed clients can better enjoy their outdoor spaces while understanding the purpose behind our services.

It's essential to highlight that ohDEER is not an investment-started company; rather, it is a self-funded, homegrown business that has grown into a successful franchise system.


Switching gears to technology, what prompted you to adopt a hosted phone system?

Regarding technology, our decision to adopt a hosted phone system was driven by the need for greater flexibility and seamless communication across multiple office locations. By implementing a hosted phone system, we can efficiently manage client interactions and, if required, the corporate office can step in to service clients in case of any issues with a franchisee. Additionally, our call center, established this year, has been instrumental in understanding customer service trends and ensuring that our staff is optimally allocated to handle calls and meet clients' needs in a virtual working environment.


How has partnering with cielo helped you streamline day-to-day operations? 

Partnering with cielo has been instrumental in streamlining our day-to-day operations. The cielo platform enables us to assess staffing and call volumes, ensuring that we have adequate coverage to support our clients' requirements. The network of phones within our office allows us to efficiently redirect calls to relevant team members, providing a seamless customer experience.

The cielo mobile application further enhances our efficiency by enabling call forwarding to cell phones, ensuring that customers can always reach us, even when we are not physically present in the office. This streamlined communication process helps us maintain a high level of customer service. 

What is it about the service that makes your job easier on a daily basis?

It’s the customer service and technical support! If we have a problem, we have one phone number to call or one email to send, and we get an entire staff — whether it’s an owner, a customer service rep, or technical support. They answer and get right back to us in a timely manner.


How has cielo helped you with your own customer experience?

With cielo's assistance, we have been able to enhance our customer experience by differentiating between sales and new clients. The ability to automate our phone system during vacations or special events enables us to manage client expectations effectively, leaving them informed about our availability and responses.


How was the learning curve for your team to adopt the contact center?

The learning curve for our team to adopt the cielo contact center was remarkably swift. A day of installation and training was sufficient for our team to understand how to operate the system effectively, including call transfers and using the sales center. Automation features, such as voicemail forwarding to email, have proven particularly beneficial for our customer service team, allowing them to address customer inquiries promptly each morning.

Beyond the hosted scenario, cielo has also been invaluable in acting as a liaison between us and our Internet service provider, ensuring that our connectivity is reliable and appropriately scaled to meet our business needs. Their facilitation of agreements and support in this area has been a valuable asset to our operations.

ohDEER South Shore is located at 157 N Main Street in Carver, Massachusetts. If you’re interested in using any of their services, feel free to give them a call at (781) 264-2277 or visit their website at oh-deer.com.