Never Miss a Message Again

Ever feel like every time you step away from your desk, you return to a heap of missed calls and voicemails? Have you ever missed time sensitive or important information because you didn’t have time to listen to all your missed messages?

With our Voice to Text visual voicemail transcription, employees can read messages on their desktop UC Client or mobile app, at a glance, from virtually anywhere, and without dialing into their mailbox. Busy or remote employees remain connected at all times, important messages can be addressed immediately, and productivity isn’t compromised by being away from the desk or office.

What is Voice to Text?

Our Voice to Text solution usesArtificial Intelligence (AI) to instantly transcribe messages in a user’s voice mailbox. It then delivers those transcriptions to a user’s preferred devices via email, SMS, or cielo's UC & Mobile — delivering the flexibility and efficiency that employees have increasingly come to expect from their communications solutions. The Voice to Text solution leverages Google’s Cloud Speech API for Speech to Text transcription, which has better accuracy than other voice transcription solutions.

How You Benefit from Voice to Text

Voice to Text is ideal for busy professionals who can’t be accessible at a moment’s notice, are often in meetings, or in an environment where it’s not feasible to listen to messages in sequential order (or at all). Users can easily read specific messages to find the exact info they need, at the exact time they need it. Voice to Text offers the convenience and time-saving functionalities that are increasingly expected by the modern workforce. Voice to Text benefits team members at all levels of the business, including:

How Businesses Benefit from Voice to Text

Voice to Text offers a practical, convenient way to keep up with the messages that need attention and prioritization. Team members can focus on important issues without sorting through messages that may not require an immediate response.

 Three key benefits of Voice to Text include:


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