Faxing for the 21st Century

Faxing is still a part of some organizations’ workflows, but your bulky old fax machine doesn’t have to be. With virtual fax capabilities that are integrated into the PBX portal, you can free up space in your office and reduce your need for paper. Best of all, you can make faxing as easy and convenient—and mobile—as email.

Six key features of hosted fax

• Supports fax-to-email and email-to-fax

• Fax server will automatically attempt delivery up to 6 times and will notify the user if the job fails

• Set delivery notification to be sent via email

• Multiple users can use the same caller ID for outbound faxing

• Users can select a caller ID from multiple fax numbers for outbound faxing

• All faxes are stored in a central repository within the PBX portal

• HIPAA-compliant

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