Utilizing SMS for Tech-Savvy Customers

80% of North Americans (that’s 292 million people) use text messaging for both business and personal conversations. For businesses particularly looking to capture the attention of millennials and Generation Z, that means one thing: they need to incorporate SMS capabilities into their communications strategies.

The Growing Role of Millennials in the Marketplace

Millennials and Gen Zs now comprise a large percentage of both the business and consumer marketplace. With Gen Zs entering their first post-college jobs and millennials beginning to make major life purchases, both demographics are quickly becoming an extremely lucrative customer base — for businesses that speak their language, that is.

Millennials and Gen Zs are expressly tech-savvy, having grown up with texting, video content, online gaming and social media platforms. In fact, Gen Z consumers hardly have any life experiences that pre-date digital communication. Most millennials and Gen Zs prefer using their smartphone to access online resources compared to laptops, desktops, or other stationery workstations.

Mobile Messaging Is on the Rise

Statistics show these “always plugged-in” consumers are embracing texting in a big way and in virtually every facet of their lives — making it an essential add-on for business communications. Take a look at some findings:

With such overwhelming statistics, organizations that hope to thrive in the future need to support SMS and mobile communications in both their unified communications and contact center solutions. As Rimma Kats of news site Marketing Drive notes, “In general, mobile is important because it gives millennials a voice in a two-way conversation with brands, whether it is to tweet a complaint… or participate in an SMS campaign.”

The SMS Opportunity for Businesses

Organizations that do not accommodate mobile channels such as text and multimedia do so at their own risk. In today's world businesses need to meet the demand of this up-and-coming market.

By connecting with customers through SMS (texting), businesses can connect to a highly-engaged, increasingly lucrative customer base — one that communicates first and foremost via texting. Through SMS communications, businesses can provide essential services and connect customers to the markets and demographics that will drive long-term growth.