Transforming the Modern Workforce

Spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders, remote work became a fact of life for businesses in virtually every vertical. Millions of Americans pivoted into remote work situations and haven’t stepped foot into an office ever since. And even as businesses start or start planning to re-open offices and life inches back to pre-pandemic norms, one fact has become exceedingly clear: remote work isn’t going away any time soon. Frost & Sullivan estimates that 25% to 30% of the total global office population will work from home at least one day per week post-pandemic.

In 2020, when most businesses were forced into action they didn’t just transition to work-from-home—they transitioned abruptly. The overnight pivot to 100% virtual-everything required fast decisions about remote work tools. Compromises were necessary. But now there’s a widespread need for solutions that address business or user needs more comprehensively and more seamlessly. Many of the single-use or point-solution tools just didn’t meet the mark. Employees and their companies made do because they had to, but now with remote work taking root as standard business practice, businesses everywhere are ready to invest in video and collaboration technology best-suited for their specific needs. This time they’re equipped with 12+months of information and data about what their in-office, remote and hybrid employees need to be productive and engaged.

What Does All of This Mean for Your Business?

That year of experience means you’re no longer shooting in the dark, trying to find point-solutions that can keep your remote teams productive. Now, you’re ready to make critically important decisions about video & collaboration tools for your remote and in-office employees. With an understanding of these common remote worker pain points you can transform your business by offering a better solution for voice, video, messaging, collaboration, meetings, and overall, a better path forward to address needs of the modern workforce.

The Pain of How Remote Work Works Today

Multiple Apps, Mounting Distractions:

Now, when an employee logs onto work, they open one app for video meetings, another for instant messaging, yet another for softphone calling, and so on. A recent report by Aiir Consulting shows that 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.

“Hey, Did You Get My Message?”:

Jumping between different apps to do their jobs means miscommunication is inevitable. Missed messages mean missed deadlines, missed opportunities, redundancies and subpar productivity.

Work-From-Home Blues:

Fragmented apps, “meeting link exhaustion”, and a lack of cohesion between work platforms isn’t exactly motivating and that can wreak havoc on employee morale and a company’s culture.

Infographic with man and woman talking in a meeting

Frustrating Learning Curves:

New tech means new things to learn which can be a nightmare for remote employees who just need things to work—especially employees who are new to working remotely or new to the company overall. Don’t forget that many companies continued recruiting and hiring through the pandemic and bringing on new team members, many of whom have never seen or stepped foot in their new employer’s offices.

Next-Gen Video Collaboration: Remote Work Transformed

If you’ve ever worked from home, on the road or virtually in any capacity, you’ve probably thought “There’s gotta be a better way”. Sound familiar? The resounding rally cry of remote workers worldwide has not gone unheard. All in one voice, video, messaging and collaboration solutions are transforming the road ahead for any business with remote, hybrid or modern workforce needs. For companies who choose to adopt fully integrated all-in-one solutions, here’s what remote work will look like going forward:

Everything Employees Need, in One Place:

One login to make and take calls, have video meetings check voicemail, message with chat and/or SMS, collaborate and more. No more jumping between apps or playing musical passwords.

Message Received:

No missed messages. Any tool that integrates combining Chat & SMS messaging with an employee’s essential voice & video tools is just plain smart. Tools that add in advanced messaging functionality such as private chat functions and sidebars in meetings are simply brilliant and these types of features mean team members are never out of touch with essential or time sensitive messages.

The Authentic “Water Cooler” Experience:

Tools and tech are great, but employees are real people with very real needs for connection. Solutions that include innovative features designed to nurture camaraderie and connection will be a game-changer for remote or distributed workforces.

One Tool, Endless Potential, Zero Learning Curve:

Training manuals, team training? Not needed. With one intuitive, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use platform(that does it all and does it all really well), training is replaced by “a few clicks and off you go”.

Manage Like You’re in the Office (Even WhenYou’re Not):

For supervisors or executives, it’s never been easier to keep teams, departments and really entire organizations fully aligned, highly productive and contributing at max-potential.

A More Personal Way to Collaborate:

Virtual Rooms provide dedicated spaces where employees can either stay all day or come and go as needed.Your video room, just like your office, offers an always available and ready for face-to-face and/or side-by-side collaboration sessions.

All-in-One Video & Collaboration

So what do modern workforces need to succeed?

All-in-one tools that seamlessly combine voice, video, meetings, chat, SMS and collaboration. With these components firing on all cylinders, all day, every day organizational transformation lies ahead. Here are just a few reasons the future is bright for businesses that advantage of compelling video solutions.

Supercharged Employee Engagement:

Highly efficient, fully-integrated voice, video, messaging and collaboration translates to highly effective employee engagement and customer experiences. The end result? Less wasted time and higher customer satisfaction — talk about a WIN-WIN!

Happier Employees and Less Turnover:

Addressing customers’ immediate, pressing need for video collaboration gives you an immediate foot in the door with a wide range of customers. And once you’re in, being able to further support them with high-quality voice, chat,SMS and more establishes you as a one-stop-shop for their needs, building loyalty, trust and profitable relationships over time.

With a competitively priced, fully featured, all in one offering for voice, video, messaging and collaboration, you’ll win big and be ready to unleash the power of the modern workforce.