Seamless Integration of Salesforce for Personalized Customer Experiences

Every part of the customer service experience is improved by personalization. Our downloadable Salesforce Plugin, available directly from, combines the CRM capabilities of Salesforce and the proven calling functionalities of our UCaaS platform to put comprehensive contact information about incoming calls at employees’ fingertips.

The end result? Users can quickly identify potential customer needs to deliver the kind of personalized, satisfying experiences that often lead to increased rates of first and repeat sales, brand loyalty, positive customer reviews, and the coveted customer referral.

What Our Salesforce Plugin Offers

This plugin adds three key time-saving functions to the Salesforce platform:

Click-to-Dial: Users can click any phone number in Salesforce to immediately start a call from their desk phone.

Screen Pops: When users receive an inbound call from their desk phone through from someone in theirSalesforce contact list, the plugin displays the caller’s contact information. If the inbound caller is not a current contact, users can use the caller’s information to create a new contact, account, or lead.

Call Logging: Users can see all calls logged to an individual contact via the Activity History screen in Salesforce.

Making these tools available in Salesforce gives employees the customer information they need before a call begins, positioning them to provide the best possible support and service through all stages of the interaction. The plugin’s time-saving features eliminate unnecessary manual and administrative work that can hijack the day’s productivity, keeping employees focused on the tasks and goals that matter most.


Benefits of the Salesforce Plugin

Who Benefits? Having customer information readily accessible creates better experiences for employees, managers, and customers.

•  Users can offer customers more personalized service and resolutions

•  Automated call-logging replaces time-consuming manual administrative work

•  Managers can easily review comprehensive call records and follow up with the click of a button if additional support is needed

•  Customers get the answers and help they need more quickly & without answering excessive, redundant questions

Key Plugin Benefits

Here are just a few of the business outcomes offered by our Salesforce plugin:

•  Increased First Call Resolution: Equipped with a customer’s vital information before a call even begins, users ensure customers get the best resolution the first time, cutting down on repeat interactions and increasing brand trust with every interaction.

•  Reduced Wait Times for Incoming Calls: By automatically logging call data, our Salesforce plugin reduces administrative workflow and allows employees to focus on what matters: creating rich, outcome-driven interactions with customers.

•  Fast and Easy Calling: The plugin’s click-to-dial capabilities mean less jumping between platforms for your employees, maximizing their daily productivity and creating operational efficiency across the company.

With our downloadable Salesforce Plugin, users can quickly identify potential customer needs to deliver personalized, satisfying customer service experiences.