Product Updates: CoreNexa, Desktop, Mobile, and Browser App

CoreNexa Desktop App update

As of March 1, the CoreNexa Desktop App will be updated on application restart. The updated app will have many fixes and will allow for the quick follow of the release of Chat, Group Chat, and SMS across all apps.

Meeting Moderator Controls in Browser and Mobile App
Users of all CoreNexa Apps will now be able to become the moderator of a meeting or room. While in a meeting or room a user can become a moderator by entering the moderator code in the ‘More’ button in the meeting controls. Additionally, a user can be promoted to become a moderator by another moderator.

Chat, Group Chat, and SMS in All Clients
Until now, only the CoreNexa Browser App had all of the chat, group chat, and SMS features. The CoreNexa Mobile App had only SMS messaging.
The CoreNexa Desktop App had only chat. However, on March 1, we will update how all clients communicate with the chat services which will bring messaging parity across all apps.

Users may receive a notification that one of their clients is out of date if they have not properly restarted all of their clients. If you have any questions on the most recent, CoreNexa updates, please contact us.