Better Business Communications with a SMS Platform

In the modern business environment, businesses are turning more and more to text messaging for their service needs — which means effective SMS texting tools, such as SMS, are an essential part of a comprehensive Unified Communications solution.

Why Modern Businesses Are Using Text Messages to Communicate With Customers

One of the driving forces behind the growth of SMS communication as a business tool is our inherent knowledge of how attuned people are to receive text messages. SinglePoint research shows that 85% of texts are read within three minutes of being sent. As glued as we all are to our cell phones, we hardly need a report to confirm our eagerness to read and respond to texts as soon as they arrive.

With this in mind, businesses need to acknowledge that text capabilities should be an integral part of their communications solution, in order to address growing demand for internal SMS solutions among coworkers and customers alike.

Here are some more statistics that underscore the importance of using text messages to communicate with employees and customers:  

Using SMS For Internal & External Business Communication

Business SMS solutions can be utilized to communicate internally for employee-facing tasks, and externally for customer-facing tasks, such as conveying urgent instructions to co-workers, offering omni-channel options for customer service, and distributing promotional material. And ironically, texts are often used to confirm that personnel have received a certain important email.

A savvy strategy to consider for your business would be to incorporate SMS and multimedia messaging within a unified communications system. When employees take advantage of the features provided by business SMS solutions, colleagues and customers are always just a text message away. Those instantaneous — and highly response-inducing — messages become integrated into the UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) platform, making them as trackable and manageable as voice and email interactions. This translates into streamlined and efficient communication that increases the productivity of the workplace, especially when branch employees are located in different physical offices (or, in the case of social distancing and work-from-home mandates, when everyone is located in a separate location).

When business technology providers recognize the trends that are impacting their customers’ operations, it leads to the ongoing development of powerful tools and seamless communications. That in turn creates solutions that improve efficiency, lower operating costs, increases employee retention — and earns loyalty for the trusted IT partners who deliver those solutions.  

How cielo SMS Addresses the Growing Demand for Text Message Communication Between Employees & Customers

These SMS/MMS features are embedded directly into our newly-launched cielo SMS solution, which gives employees the ability to quickly and easily text with customers via a business phone number, instead of relying on staff members using their personal devices (and showing their personal numbers to clients).

Users can leverage cielo SMS to send images, videos, or documents to both individuals and groups. Internal messages can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection through the cielo UC Client, allowing users to increase productivity and create a more seamless communications infrastructure.

To learn more about why businesses are increasingly turning to SMS text messaging platforms to address their communications needs — and how cielo SMS can help your team streamline ist business communication and stay connected and engaged from anywhere — send us an email, for a customized solution.