5 Ways the Cloud is Changing Business Communication

There’s no question about it: advancements in technology increase productivity and lower operational costs for businesses. With the right implementation, new business solutions like cloud communications allow for greater work efficiency and data security, while decreasing human error through automation.

In a nutshell, cloud communications allow users to access business communication tools anywhere as long as they have a working internet connection. These days, in a constantly evolving business landscape, it's critical that companies can access information anytime, on their laptop, tablets or mobile phones. This is the kind of convenience that cloud communications provides.

Cloud communications make remote work possible

Many businesses operate from different locations and now, more than ever, the demand for cloud-based services is increasing. Remote work setup means the ability to collaborate through audio and video conferencing and cloud apps, and is essential for the growth and success of modern businesses. Cloud communications enable employees to work anywhere and anytime, which has proven to increase efficiency and improve the quality of output. Companies are decentralizing work by hiring more full-time remote employees. This means companies have a greater ability to employ great talent from anywhere. Almost every remote office now has access to video conferencing and other cloud communications services, and the need for similar services is expected in the modern workforce.

Allow employees to work on multiple devices

Cloud communications service providers are continuously making sure that their applications can work on any type of device. Information stored in the cloud is not only accessible with desktop computers, but also on mobile devices. In fact, it’s entirely possible to work using mobile devices, especially now that faster networks like 5G and LTE are becoming widespread. This type of connection allows users to run data-heavy applications and exchange large files easily. Real-time communication is of the essence when conducting business, and faster networks allow professionals to use their devices to conduct key business processes with ease. You can access your business phone or sync your data anywhere as long you have an internet connection, allowing you to take your office communication with you on the road.

Cloud communications services give small businesses a competitive edge

Cloud-based communication services allow small and mid-sized businesses to compete with bigger companies. It is cost-effective and can be customized to any size business, making it possible for smaller players to scale up their operations quickly. Small businesses can start small, and gradually increase their usage over time, depending on the growth of the business. Cloud communications services are also self-managed so businesses don’t typically need to hire IT staff to set up their communication systems. Enabling small and mid-sized businesses to deliver results faster, cheaper and with more quality is key to giving them the competitive edge they need to compete and win against bigger companies.

Eliminate the need for a traditional desk phone system.

When businesses use cloud-based communications systems for calling, they eliminate the need for constant maintenance or hardware upgrades, as with traditional landline phones. With IP phones, the service provider hosts, maintains and upgrades all of the PBX technology for you. You can set up and configure the system for your business, all from your computer. Additionally, the cloud allows small and medium-sized business to easily add new lines and provides quick access to new features. Companies are also charged an affordable monthly fee on a per-user basis. This option has been quite beneficial for businesses that have don’t have budget for an IT staff to operate and maintain the PBX hardware. Users can quickly access the phone system features, even if they are in multiple locations, because their system is all on one platform.

Employees can collaborate easily and efficiently

Great companies make collaboration between team members a top priority. Working in the cloud has increased collaboration and will continue to do so thanks to the continuous improvement of the technology. It allows employees to break down barriers and start working together with other staff members in different departments and locations. With cloud communication, businesses can shift to internet-based voice and data communication and allow employees to utilize real-time chat and voice call features for better collaboration.

Cloud communication has enabled business to improve their operational capabilities in a more efficient and cost effective manner. With a stable internet connection, a business owner can subscribe to software and services as they go, and pay only for what they use. It is undoubtedly changing the organizational landscape, from telephony to real-time communication to customer relationship management, and creating a more streamlined approach to “business as usual.”