1-Click Calling in Your Everyday Business Tools

Finding new and innovative ways to integrate cielo powered by CoreNexa with the business applications you rely on every day is one of the highest-priority focus points for our entire team. Our Dialer app, now available on Zapier’s online automation platform, makes it quick, easy and intuitive to integrate our proven calling capabilities into your everyday, essential business applications.

In just a few clicks, any user with a Zapier account can set up a “Zap” (Zapier’s term for an automated workflow) connecting applications to our CoreNexa Dialer App. Once you’ve set up the CoreNexa Dialer App Zap, you’ll have click-to-dial capabilities that enable you to start a call in our CoreNexa client with one click in your compatible applications of choice.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online business automation platform that allows users to create custom integrations, or “Zaps”, between a wide range of business applications. Zaps have custom triggers and one or more resulting actions, enabling users to setup specific integrations and automations for their exact needs. From email to accounting, CRM, collaboration and more, Zapier offers compatibility with over 2,000 business tools and platforms including those you are likely use on a daily or frequent basis, including: Quickbooks, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, ZenDesk, Microsoft Office, and more.

What Our CoreNexa Dialer App Offers

With the CoreNexa Dialer App, employees can quickly add Click-to-Dial capabilities to any compatible application on the Zapier platform. By setting up a Click-to-Dial Zap, users can click any phone number in the compatible applications and instantly start a call in CoreNexa. Setup options for the CoreNexa Dialer App include directing calls to CoreNexa UC, CoreNexa Mobile or simply the user’s desk phone. The app gives employees control over their calling preferences.

Who Benefits From the CoreNexa Dialer App

Creating a Zap that connects the CoreNexa Dialer App to any of the thousands of compatible applications on Zapier is an easy way to boost productivity and efficiency by simplifying business processes for any employee. One-click access to CoreNexa’s calling features eliminates time consuming, interruptive jumps between platforms when employees need to make calls.And because Zaps can be set up by a user in seconds, there’s minimal administrative work involved with setting up new employees. Admins can quickly connect employees to the applications they need, without installing complex plugins or requiring third-party integrations.

Zapier offers instant integration with over 2,000 different essential business applications — and with our CoreNexa Dialer App, employees can add Click-to-Dial capabilities to any of them.